2024 Uber Eats "Yes/No"

In the ongoing saga at the Uber Eats Lab, Atmos Studios introduces a Tornado and a Dragon to showcase additional items that are unable to be delivered by Uber Eats.

Uber Eats Dragon

Uber Eats Tornado

2024 Uber Eats “Dragon” Credits

Post-Production – Atmos Studios
Post Producer/VFX Supervisor:
Andreas Wanda
Animation: Andy Sutton

Production – We Know Video
Executive Producer:
Jack Shanahan
Producer: Matthew Coates
Producer: Kezia Suryaputra
Director: Luke Seer Brown
DOP: Matt Hopkins

Agency – Hello Social
Account Director: Nicola Hanlon
Account Director: Madeline Marovino
Creative Director: Daniel Fryer
Account Manager: Charlotte Shackley

Client: Uber Eats